Land expropriation with compensation

22 July 2018 Land expropriation with compensation The Land belongs to the People The African Democratic Change has noted the media dialogues regarding the recent motion passed by Parliament to allow for the expropriation of land without compensation. We, however,...

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Public Protector moves to notify Dr. Zweli Mkhize

20 July 2018 In response to the call of our Secretary-General Nathaniel Denton Bricknell, the investigating officer at the office of the Public Protector advised that they have notified Minister Dr. Zweli Mkhize of their investigation into our allegations of...

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Meet Moses Mayeksio, African Democratic Change President

11 July 2018 Meet Moses Mayeksio, African Democratic Change President   African Democratic Change party President, Moses Mayekiso life’s work has been dedicated to advocating for worker labour rights and township development and reform. His role in the fight for South...

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Our Vision

We believe in a united South Africa principled on the philosophy of UBUNTU that drives sustainable and inclusive economic change by empowering its people. We envision a socially cohesive people that are conscious and community orientated. Ethical, moral and transparent leadership that will pave the way for a South Africa that is equal, just and surpasses its potential.

Our Mission

Our Mission as the African Democratic Change is to;

1. Create an inclusive, non-racialized South African identity, premised on the philosophy of UBUNTU, that binds the diverse people of our country towards a common vision that safeguards democracy and human rights for sustained equality, peace and prosperity.

2. Create a society where all people have the means and skills to fulfil their potential in a manner that fosters collaboration and installs dignity. This equates to ensuring the development of quality education and skills that are responsive to the needs of our economy. Furthermore, a transformed society where our youth and women receive the opportunities and respect they deserve.

3. Create a capable South African state that is governed by moral, ethical and transparent leadership which engages its people and demands accountability which sets the precedence for good governance and innovation within Africa and the broader international community.

Our History

The African Democratic Change was officially formed on 1 and 2 December 2017 at its Founding Conference. ADeC was formed through a unique, bottom-up approach by the coming together of various individuals and groups representing a diverse cross-section of society. The relevant stakeholders represent a culmination of various grass-roots initiatives, disillusioned former members of existing political parties, concerned students, and community organizations. These stakeholders, who formed members of the delegation at the Founding Conference, represented all 9 provinces. The Founding Conference provided the platform for the delegates to not only meet, but to form the vision, mission and declaration of the party.

Why us?

ADEC exists as a result of the calls to create a political home where all South Africans can feel at home. The light of our great liberators has continued to dim over the last few years, and thus a political void has been created. It is thus our duty, as ADeC, to reignite the torch of our liberators and fulfill their mission of creating a unified and prosperous country and people. The current political void, which is created as a result of parties that are either disintegrating or lack the capacity to capture the trust and support of a big cross-section of society, has emphasized the necessity of creating a new political party that will serve the needs of the South African people. ADeC has responded to the pleas of a disgruntled Nation, and vows to actively take on the responsibility to lead the country forward.


1 day ago
Pink Tax is a form of gender-based price discrimination, particularly on items such as sanitation pads and other female products.

ADeC aims to fight back against this taxation and supply schools and communities with free sanitation pads.
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5 days ago
African Democratic Change leaders have been engaging with inspiring individuals across South Africa. This week we interacted with KZN based organisations aiming to develop agriculture in rural areas.

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6 days ago
Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.

Happy Women’s Day to all!
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