TO: Print and Electronic Media Houses

FROM: Office of the Secretary General, ADeC

SUBJECT:  ADeC Activist Candidate Lists And Deposits Are In

DATE: Thursday, March 14th, 2019

EMBARGO: For Immediate Release

With submission of political party lists, South Africa now gets to choose between voting for the same old corrupt politicians, or real activists from grass roots communities.

ADeC, along with all the other political parties running for seats in government this election has submitted our parliamentary list. This provides the first real opportunity for South Africans to compare what options they have when they choose who to vote for on the 8th of May.

When voting this year, South Africans will have a choice between the ruling party, and its list of state capture cronies, other opposition parties with members implicated in corruption, whether it be in VBS or the Johannesburg Road Agency, or list of qualified, uncorrupted activists who have a record of integrity and fighting for their communities and South Africa.

Unlike the 3 big parties running in this election, we are proud of our list, and do not have to hide candidates implicated in gender-based violence or explain that our candidates have “technically” not been prosecuted, simply because our candidates meet higher standards. Not only are the activists standing for office under our banner qualified, uncorrupted with a record of integrity, they are also are deeply diverse, with women, youth and people of all ethnic backgrounds standing for office. Furthermore

One of the priorities present in our list was gender equity, while our list is not quite 50 / 50, it is close, and we believe that our delegation voted in this election will be. Another priority in our list was ensuring youth are represented, our parliamentarian candidates ages vary from 18 to 70, meaning that ADeC is not just talking about youth representation and listening to the youth of South Africa, youth are present in our leadership and elected into parliament. Age diversity is also important for us as it will allow for real mentorship and development. As our older candidates retire and move on, there will be numerous young candidates ready to take over the reins and lead our country into the future.

South Africa has a chance on the 8th of May to vote for a party, not because they are the “least bad of the bunch”, but instead vote in line with their principles and priorities. There is only one real choice this election, African Democratic Change.

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