TO: Print and Electronic Media Houses
FROM: Office of the Secretary General, ADeC
SUBJECT: ADeC Addressing The Murder, Torture, And Enslavement Of LGBTQIA People In Tanzania
DATE: Friday, November 08th , 2018
EMBARGO: For Immediate Release 

Quoting Former President Zuma, “For the changing Africa which Mwalimu (Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, Former Tanzanian President) spoke about to achieve the developmental goals and objectives we are all striving for, we have no choice, absolutely no choice but to work together,” Former President Zuma addressing the current Tanzanian President John Magufuli in Dar es Salaam, during a State Banquet, June 2017, strengthening trade ties between South Africa and Tanzania, in order to address mutual challenges faced in both countries regarding unemployment, poverty, and INEQUALITY. It is shameful that within one year that Tanzania has spat on the unity with South Africa, our Constitution, and on its commitment to create equality.
Is equality not inclusive of even gay people?

Or is the history of oppression and inequality in Africa so quickly forgotten that we repeat history by oppressive inequality, murdering and torture people of a different sexual orientation not to be considered, when history teaches us the practice of oppression; murder, imprisonment, and torture, denying the Human Right of others?

It is also a disgrace to the Constitution of South Africa and the alliance, that the Tanzanian government has arrested and imprisoned two South African citizens of the LGBTQIA community who are protected by the Human Rights of our South African Constitution. We demand their release and our government ensure their safe return home. Considering that these two gay South African citizens are caught up in the injustice of LGBTQI+ people who are experiencing these injustices in present-day Tanzania.

Where are you President Ramaphosa and the South African Government, in protecting your citizens, addressing the Tanzanian President regarding the agreements made between our two countries and how our economic ties are a stain on the consciousness of Human Rights in the eyes of Global politics and EQUALITY?

It is a sad day when governments murder their citizens based on sexual identity!
It is a sad day when one country looks the other way whilst atrocities make us complicit due to our economic involvement. We fail our Constitution when we do not rescue and fight against injustice in what we believe to be true. A stain on the very foundation of the Freedom Charter that many died for to uphold: “South Africa belongs to ALL who live in it, black and white, and that no government can justly claim authority unless it is based on the will of all the people.”

The will of the ADeC LGBTQIA community in SA is for our Human Rights to be protected!
Is it then not safe to assume that EQUALITY, by nature of its definition that consenting gay and innocent victims of dictatorial abuse is a must to address considering our close ties with Tanzania?

To all the families of, and the LGBTQIA people being persecuted in Tanzania it is with sorrow, horror, and revolt that the LGBTQIA community of AFRICAN DEMOCRATIC CHANGE PARTY in South Africa sends our love, prayers, and thoughts to you.

We demand that South Africa and the President will retract all trade agreements with Tanzania until EQUALITY is restored to all humans, in accordance with International Human Rights Laws. AFRICAN DEMOCRATIC CHANGES fights on behalf of your Human Rights and dignity and mourn the inhumane treatment of the LGBTQIA community.

Kind Regards,
Nathaniel Denton Bricknell
Secretary General
African Democratic Change