TO: Print and Electronic Media Houses
FROM: Office of the Secretary-General, ADeC
SUBJECT: ADeC Announces Our Gauteng Premier Candidate: Mzwonke Mayekiso
DATE: Thursday, March 07th, 2019
EMBARGO: For Immediate Release

We are proud to announce our Gauteng Premier Candidate Mzwonke Mayekiso. Mzwonke is a longtime activist from Alexandra, having cut his teeth in the struggle against Apartheid.

Mzwonke started his activism mobilising youth at his school SRC in the 1980’s, following this, he joined MK, for which he was eventually arrested for stockpiling weapons. In 1995 Mzwonke was released as one of the many political prisoners pardoned.

Post-Apartheid Mzwonke has continued to be involved in community-based activism, fighting for service delivery, and improving the lives of the people in Alexandra. Most recently, Mzwonke was involved in the broader movements to fight corruption under President Jacob Zuma, mobilising community structures to engage in many of the protest and marches that resulted in Zuma’s eventual removal from office.

Mzwonke is a dedicated activist and has proven he has the ability to bring real change and transformation to Gauteng. In the office of Premier, a governing coalition member or a member of the opposition Mzwonke will fight tirelessly for the people of Gauteng.

The first pillar of ADeC’s Gauteng campaign as lead by Mzwonke will be fighting for greater community representation. We will do this by having members of the legislature engaging in at regular monthly meetings with constituents to ensure transparency and to provide feedback to communities on progress in addressing Governance challenges. These meetings will also give community members the opportunity to engage directly with their representatives on a regular basis and voice their concerns.

The second pillar of this campaign will be to engage in community lead interventions and activism. In the past our people have had to watch in disgust as those elected to represent them forget them the moment, they assume office. Mzwonke, and the full ADeC delegation commit to not only represent communities in the Provincial Legislature, but also stand alongside communities in bringing about grassroots transformation. Whether this means highlighting failures of governance, bringing about community designed solutions to address crisis, ADeC will work alongside communities to bring about real change.

Gauteng has some critical failures of governance currently affecting its citizens, once in office, Mzwonke and the ADeC delegation will move to immediately address these issues, including but not limited to: The lack of title deeds for residents in Gauteng townships, and in particular in the Alexandra East Bank community, What appears to be fraudulent over evaluation of properties in an attempt to tax the middle class into poverty, reforming School SGB’s which are often of frontline of corruption in our education system and transforming our police force oversight to fight corruption and malpractice.

Finally, ADeC in Gauteng will be fighting for the implementation of our national policies, including the formal legalisation of cannabis, full transparency in government processes and a zero-tolerance policy of corruption. For a full list of our national policies, read our upcoming manifesto.

ADeC in with Mzwonke Mayekiso leading the way, is ready to bring about real change and transformation in all our communities.

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Dr Moses Mayekiso
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Mzwonke Mayekiso
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