ADEC shall ensure that pregnant women and mothers are taken care of by the state `six months before the baby is born and until after the child attends the semi-formal and formal education. Our education system approach shall look at:

– Funding the non-formal education when the baby is taught by the unemployed mothers and the child minder to learn basic language concepts and pronunciation. This is not a child grant but a form of a salary/stipend for a child education.

– There will be established pre-primary schools set up using volunteers from the Grant system, such as retired school teachers and the elderly that will volunteer hours during the week to participate in the education of these children.

– Informal education which is associated with formal education shall be funded through better payment of teachers and bonus payment to teachers who lead learners to participate in sports activities and extra mural education.

– Early Childhood Development is critical and must be promoted and emphasized, to do that ECD must be under the education department and must be the first layer of educating children before the formal schooling. The practitioners must also be recognized and paid by the education department.

– Formal education shall be free and compulsory, decolonized and indigenous. No child shall be found out of school during the schooling period without compelling and convincing reasons. Social workers shall be employed to work with education community associations. These associations shall work with civil society groups in identifying families with children who have educational problems.

– All education shall be free, quality and decolonized for every student at higher leaning institution.

– Science, technology, art and agriculture shall be encouraged and students participating in these courses shall be assisted to form co-operative businesses during their final year of study. Private businesses willing and ready to absorb students as future employees shall be financially assisted by the state.

– ADeC promotes the use and teaching of pupils in indigenous languages in schools, we reject the call of foreign language teaching in our schools, like Mandarin.

– We must revitalize Technical colleges, Teacher colleges and Agri colleges.

National Students Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) shall be abolished and direct funding of students from Grade 12 to higher education be introduced. NSFAS managers shall be employed by the state to audit the number of students in grade 12 for the purposes of helping the state to budget properly and accordingly. Any savings or surplus value shall be invested in other education and economic investment schemes.

South African Revenue Services (SARS) shall play a role in determining salary and business income from all citizens including the co-operative businesses for the state to deduct for the separate education tax. All children regardless of their family financial status shall enjoy state sponsored free education. All families whether their children are still in academic education or not shall contribute to the education of the nation.