African Democratic Change (ADeC) President has called on President Ramaphosa to reinstate Level 5 Lockdown for two weeks. This comes in light of the recommendation by the National Corona Virus Command Council (NCCC) to put off the opening of schools for two weeks in the wake of the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. ADeC President, Visvin Reddy has written to the office of the President.

“We trust that the Department of Education will heed the advice by the experts and delay the opening of schools by two weeks. It is simply not safe for anyone to be moving around at this time. Prior to the hard Lockdown last year, the rate of infections was lower than what is currently experienced and should be cause for concern. President Ramaphosa failed to shut down the country before Christmas when schools were closed and workers on holiday. As the pandemic reaches unprecedented levels, the only way to curb the spread is to stop all movement of people.

A two week hard Lockdown will turn the tide and needs to happen now before it’s too late. Unfortunately, as the number of infections rise, the government continues to allow mass movement of people.

The government is still dithering over the vaccine and our Health system is under severe strain. As a country, we are in no position to assist those who are severely ill. Worse still, SAHPRA, the medicines regulatory body has banned the use of alternative medication to treat Covid-19. This means that the people of South Africa are left on their own and do whatever it takes to survive.

ADeC condemns the EFF call for the closure of parliament and the legislatures, including Municipal councils, until it is safe. The EFF fell short of calling for a protective net to be in place for the millions of workers and other South Africans who risk their lives daily when they leave their homes, ” said Visvin Reddy, President of ADeC.

Kind Regards,
Visvin Reddy

Issued by Office of President.

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