10 June 2018

ADeC Calls for the Suspension of Zweli Mkhize
There is currently a major flaw in the South African political culture whereby politicians commit crimes and merely receive a slap on the wrist and a change of position. This issue needs to be dealt with urgently; corruption cannot be a word used lightly. South Africans need to come to terms with the severity of these crimes.
Officials and politicians use the fight against corruption as a gimmick at rallies and to the media, while the money that lines their pockets could be going to building and developing education facilities, increasing state pension pay-outs, building houses and keeping their various other election commitments. When questioned about widespread poor service delivery, a lack of funding is used as an excuse. In October 2017, it was uncovered that the Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Zweli Mkhize, allegedly received a ‘facilitation fee’ from AfricOil for assisting in securing a loan for R210 Million from the PIC (Public Investment Corporation). His portion of this loan, R4,5 Million, is an abuse of state funds, power and a blatant act of corruption. The African Democratic Change demands that the Minister be suspended from his public office until an investigation is completed. Should he be found guilty, the African Democratic Change further demands that he pay back all funds misappropriated and face a hefty jail sentence. Crimes against the people of South Africa, such as corruption by state officials and politicians, deserve harsh punishments.  The fact that the now Minister used the legal system to demand this ‘facilitation fee’ after it was not paid to him is astounding and shows no respect for the people of South Africa, the constitution or the judiciary system as a whole. As we advocate for worker’s rights, we see the misuse of worker’s pensions as a gross violation of the law. We call workers to question the security of their funds and call for an independent audit of the PIC to determine whether any additional misappropriation of funds can be identified.
The officials at the PIC and its board at the time of the authorisation of the loan need to be held to account. Our Secretary-General, Nathaniel Bricknell, will be consulting our legal team on a way forward with regards to the claims. In the meantime, he will be writing to the Public Protector to demand an investigation into these allegations.
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