TO: Print and Electronic Media Houses
FROM: Office of the Secretary-General, ADeC
SUBJECT: ADeC concerned by withdrawal of charge against Duduzane Zuma
DATE: Tuesday, March 26th, 2019
EMBARGO: To release immediately

ADeC is concerned by the sudden withdrawal of a culpable homicide charge against Duduzane Zuma.
Today in the Randburg magistrate court, the prosecution against Duduzane Zuma announced that they are withdrawing the charge of culpable homicide related to the death of Nanki Jeanette Mashaba, claiming that her death was not due to the car accident, but rather a pre-existing condition.
Frankly, this is ridiculous. Is the prosecution suggesting it was just a coincidence that she died after being hospitalised for 3 weeks as a result of the car accident? This is simply unbelievable. This case has been overwhelmed by political interference from the start, taking years for the case even to come to court.
Once Jacob Zuma was removed from office, many South Africans became hopeful that there would be accountability for the powers that were committing crimes without fear of prosecution. This announcement today proved that this hope was misplaced. This is another sign that the “New Dawn” is just marketing to cover up the same old corrupt politicians who will do anything to avoid accountability for their crimes.
Nanki Jeanette Mashaba, Phumzile Dube and their families deserve justices. Now is the time that society as a whole unites as one and says no more to the rich and powerful being unaccountable. 
 Anele Kunene
National Spokesperson
Cell: 067 732 2853
Moses Mayekiso
Cell: 067 026 2270
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