TO: Print and Electronic Media Houses
FROM: Office of the Secretary-General, ADeC
SUBJECT: ADeC expresses condolences to the community of Alexandra
DATE: Wednesday, March 06th, 2019
EMBARGO: For Immediate Release

 Once again, Thousands of South Africans have had to watch in horror as their homes, livelihoods and belongings are destroyed in front of them. Alexandra this week saw what can be describes as a regular occurrence. 

While we would like to express appreciation for the rapid movement of emergency services to douse the flames, and prevent any loss of life, we cannot ignore the damage this has done to the lives of thousands of South Africans 

The scary truth is, township fires in Gauteng are all but guaranteed as a result of the conditions our people are forced to live in. Whether the fire starts from collapsing infrastructure to illegal connection, many of our townships are tinderboxes waiting to catch alight. 

There is no excuse that can describe how after 25 years of democracy we are still failing to provide this community with basic services. This crisis was exacerbated by among other things, a failure to maintain basic infrastructure such as roads, the pylon and fire hydrants, not only causing the fire, but making it difficult to combat. 

More broadly, this is another example of Apartheid town planning, where poor black South Africans are forced to live in these conditions because they cannot afford basic homes close to their employment. Isn’t it about time our government lived up to their promises and provided safe housing and access to work for all? 

This crisis, and hundreds like it could be avoided, unfortunately, for the last decade many of our government officials have been more interested in stealing and looting, instead of delivering on their promise of a better life for all. 

It is time for people centered change. ADeC will ensure that this be the last fire caused by failing infrastructure to destroy one of our communities. 

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Kind Regards, 

Nathaniel Denton Bricknell 

Secretary General 

African Democratic Change