TO: Print and Electronic Media Houses
FROM: Office of the Secretary General, ADeC
SUBJECT: ADeC files Section 55 objections
DATE: Thursday, May 09th, 2019
EMBARGO: To release immediately

As the African Democratic Change, we note with high levels of concern the number of individuals who have been arrested due to voting multiple times in particular those in KZN. It brings into question the integrity of the voting process and security measures in place to stop this sort of activity from taking place. However grateful we are that these were picked up, we believe there are many more undetected. The following scenario is an example of these loopholes, if a voter goes to a voting station where the zip zip machine is not working and is not registered in the respective Voting District according to the paper voters roll provided for at the voting station signs a section 24a form, votes and then removes the indelible finger marking ink. Then goes to another Voting District with no zip zip machine or zip zip machine not working and repeats the process.
This is why we have formally lodged a section 55 objection to the IEC, requesting an audit process to take place of the section 24a forms. This would entail the capturing of the section 24a forms with ID numbers of the voters and this would be for the entire country. This will ensure voters who have cast multiple votes will be picked up and prosecuted.
Having said that we have also objected to ANC party agents interference with the distribution ballots to voters, special ballot boxes being returned to stations for counting with seals with no IEC numbers, IEC officials sleeping during the counting process as well as our party agents being denied the opportunity to logged objections at voting stations when problems arise.
As we are made aware of the outcomes of these objections, we will keep the concerned citizens of South Africa abreast of the situation.
South Africa works, When South African unite.

Nathaniel Bricknell
Cell: 081 548 5665

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