TO: Print and Electronic Media Houses
FROM: Office of the Secretary General, ADeC
SUBJECT: ADeC is proud to announce a partnership with the Dagga Party
DATE: Tuesday, March 26th, 2019
EMBARGO: To release immediately

The full legalisation of cannabis for recreational, commercial and medicinal use has always been a core policy priority of ADeC. Cannabis legalisation in South Africa not only provides the opportunity to remove arbitrary criminal prosecution of people consuming a by all account’s safe substance, but also provides an opportunity for massive economic development and health benefits.
With this in mind, ADeC and the Dagga Party have been in discussions on partnering on our shared vision for bringing about full cannabis legalisation in South Africa.
We are proud to officially announce today that the Dagga Party and ADeC will be standing as one for the 2019 South African General election and working together to bring about this critical policy priority.
The Dagga Party has more than a decade’s worth of experience fighting for the right to consume and produce cannabis in South Africa, and more than that, they are a signatory to the progressive Global Green Charter. The Global Green Charter is a global policy document that outlines socially just and progressive policy that will lead to a world that is better for all that live in it, through the pursuit of renewable energy, nonviolence, progressive economic policies, and democratic freedoms.
One of the first goals of this new partnership is to ensure that all South Africans fighting for the legalisation of cannabis unite and ensure a meaningful policy is introduced and adopted in parliament. It is critical that this policy will not only fully legalise cannabis for recreational, medicinal and commercial purposes, but also ensure that the economic benefits are not limited to a few powerful well-connected individuals, and instead available to every South African.
Over the coming week, we will be going further into how this partnership between our two organisations will work, and why now is the best opportunity for South Africa to vote for the legalisation of cannabis, and a progressive vision for the future.
 Anele Kunene
National Spokesperson
Cell: 067 732 2853
Nathaniel D. Bricknell
Secretary General
Cell: 081 548 5665
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