ADeC launches LGBTQI Forum this Pride Month
Date: 16 June 2018
In the spirit of International Pride Month, The African Democratic Change would like to announce the upcoming launch of our LGBTQI Forum.
In the 24 years since our democratic dispensation, we have made great strides in creating a society enjoying the same freedoms. Unfortunately, we still face the challenge of breaking and reconfiguring the societal norms that still persist today.
The African Democratic Change understands that to truly embrace the diversity so intricately associated with our new democratic order we need to liberate the hearts and minds of South Africans.
We believe that Pride is important to:

  • project a positive stance against discrimination and violence toward lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people;
  • promote self-affirmation, dignity and equal rights;
  • increase the visibility of LGBT people as a social group; 
  • build community, and importantly celebrate diversity.

With the launch of our LGBTQI Forum;  we have elected its convenor to be Thomas Stofberg who we believe will help guide this forum from strength to strength.
We hope to ultimately create a platform where all civil and community organisations can come together, to discuss issues we face and particularly how these everyday issues are experienced by members of the LGBTQI+ community. Our goal is to become a voice for the LGBTQI community in Parliament and to agitate for legislation to further advance the cause of equality and equity for all.
We hope to interact with as many civil organisations as possible and eventually create a weekly/bi-weekly interactive platform for discussions.
To the end we call on all citizens, members of the LGBTQI community and fellow Changers that would like to contribute to this platform, to come forward and get in contact with Thomas Stofberg or ADeC Secretary-General, Nathaniel Bricknell.
South-Africa Works When South-Africans Unite!

Thomas Stofberg
LGBTQI Forum National Convener

Cell: 079 892 3229

Omisinga Nqoma
Interim National Spokesperson
 071 830 2637
Twitter: ADEC_SA 
Facebook: @ADeCOfficial
: 031 205 0466
Whatsapp: (+27) 81 431 9645
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