TO: Print and Electronic Media Houses

FROM: Office of the Secretary General, ADeC

SUBJECT: ADeC Ready to Contest 2019

DATE: Monday, January 14th, 2019

EMBARGO: For Immediate Release


Since our inception in 2017 the African democratic Change has been proactive in the creating of jobs, advancing education and bringing it into the fourth industrial revolution driving service delivery where we have local government Councilors, the re-legalisation of cannabis and much more. Under the leadership of our president Dr Moses Mayekiso we have grown in seven of our country’s nine provinces. Boasting support of over 60 000. Our priorities as a grassroots movement born out of the coming together of 16 NGO’s, political parties and civic movements have not changed.

In 2018 we directly created over 1000 job opportunities by partnering with the private sector and will continue to do so. From the communications sector to the insurance sector, we strongly believe that we want votes not based just on what we promise but on our current actions. We through our 2030 plan aim to eradicate poverty in South Africa.

Where we have Councilors, we have allocated over 800 portions of land in the Free State under the guidance of our Deputy President Councilor Banks Tshabangu who will be standing as our Premier Candidate in the province. Ensuring accountable service delivery, our Councilors engage and update their communities on a monthly base through public meetings. This direct democracy forms part of our plan for accountable ethical governance.

We believe that there is much change needed to bring social economic stability to South Africa. Key to this is the changing of the election act making provision the following; a presidential vote. Allowing South Africans to directly elect their president. This was made clear under the reign of Jacob Zuma, who sold our country out to the Gupta’s and through various other corrupted dealings. We need a President accountable to the citizens of SA not a political party. The second being a constituency-based system allowing for independent candidates to stand without the need to have political party backing. This allowing the priories of MP’s and MPL’s to be that of their communities and not the political parties. These public representatives need to be accountable to the electorate that voted them in.

We will continue our call to ensure the people of South Africa truly have the democratic powers they were promised in the 1994 elections. With that we would like to confirm we will indeed be contesting the 2019 National and Provincial elections. With the release of our manifesto in March 2019. We note that these will be the second most important elections our country will be undertaking and call upon all South Africans to use their democratic right to vote for a party the represents them. South Africa is in need of a multi-party democracy to ensure accountability and transparency.



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