TO: Print and Electronic Media Houses
FROM: Office of the Secretary-General, ADeC
SUBJECT: African Democratic Change Calls For Action To Address Racism
DATE: Tuesday, April 30th, 2019
EMBARGO: Release immediately

African Democratic Change calls for action to address racism that is crippling our society and allowing for dangerous symptoms to fester in our society, such as the violent BLF party.

What is obvious too many South Africans, and seems to be repeated by many but not internalised, is that we have not addressed the 400-year-old wound of racism that is festering, and destroying our society

Regularly, we hear stories of from our leaders, members, and supporters at large, how 25 years after apartheid, they still suffer under racist oppression. Be that through systems of privilege, in which the minority which has always benefited from our economy, continues to dominate, where quality education is still only available to a privileged few, and where some languages are more advantaged than others in all sectors of society.

In this broken society, it is no surprise that a party, calling for a violent intimidation, that attacks journalist, and calls for violence against minorities is able to thrive and be given so much attention in our media and body politic.

This is a party that does not have solutions. It lacks accountability, transparency and any policy, beyond calling for violence against our fellow South Africans. They claim they want the land back, but refuse to elaborate and be transparent about how they will intend to make this benefit every South African, or how we even accomplish this mammoth task.

While we are now pressing charges against Andile Mngxitama, and the BLF for the incitement of violence, and the assault on one of our members at a debate on Thursday the 25th of April, this is not a solution to the underlying problem.

We need to begin a real process of truth and reconciliation, reparations and healing to address racism, be it systemic, overt, covert, unconscious bias, language and in any other form it is dividing and harming our society. Even if we stop this dangerous party, which we must, we still need to face this real injury that birthed such a twisted movement. If we do not, nothing will really change. Maybe Andile will go to jail, maybe the violent prejudiced individuals running this organisation will face justice, but in 10 years’ time, another organisation with similar ideas will form.

For the last 25 years, the ruling party has not truly addressed racism, let alone the racist structural inequalities that have been harming our people for hundreds of years. We need to change that, not tomorrow, but today. As legislators and governors, we need to take a pro-active role in dismantling racism, and not just pretend it doesn’t exist with calls for colour blindness and rainbowism.
South Africa works, When South African unite.

Moses Mayekiso
Cell: 067 026 2270
Anele Kunene
National Spokesperson
Cell: 067 732 2853
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