TO:Print and Electronic Media Houses
FROM:Office of the Secretary General, ADeC
SUBJECT:African Democratic Change on the outcomes of the 2019 national elections.
DATE:Thursday, May 09th, 2019
EMBARGO:To release immediately

As African Democratic Change we would like to express our deep gratitude to all those who voted for us and put trust in our agenda of people centered transformation. We would also like to express deep gratitude for all our leaders, members and volunteers across the country who worked hard to develop our agenda and fight for politics unusual and our manifesto. While we may not have received any seats this election, a vote for our party was still a demand for change, and we hope the parties heading to parliament do not ignore those who voted for us, and other parties which did not meet the thresh holds.

With that said, we accept the results of this election, and congratulate the political parties which managed to attain seats in the 6th parliament of South Africa. While attaining seats in parliament was the goal of this campaign, fundamentally we are activists not politicians. This is not the end of our fight to bring about real change for South Africa, we will move ever forward in building the organisation towards local government elections, and future elections.

This election has also raised some deep concerns among us about the democratic future of our country. While we do not question the credibility of the IEC, there were clearly some systemic problems with the way voting was managed that allow for abuse. We do not know whether or not these would have materially affected the election, but at this stage a full audit is necessary not just to confirm the results of this election, but to ensure future democratic processes are safe from interference.

Furthermore, we would like to express concern regarding voter apathy. While the turnout among registered voters was about 65% this election, when you include the eligible voting population, the turnout was significantly lower, and around 50%. This is catastrophic, and tells us something is deeply flawed in our democracy.

This result means, that the most popular choice for possible voters, was none of the above. Not 1 political party this election got a majority endorsement from the people of South Africa. Furthermore, this means our next government, will only be acting on a mandate provided by less than 30% of our population.

This is deeply concerning for the future of our nation, and we would encourage not only all the political parties, but all organisations and individuals to think closely about what this means about the health of our democracy, and how we all need to work harder to ensure that future elections provide better mandates, and more accurate and determinative democratic results.

Finally, now more than ever South Africa needs to look at serious electoral reforms, that allow our representatives to be held accountable through mixed constituent and public list systems, direct elections of executives, limiting the parties that can contest elections based on proven support, public funding of elections to reduce outside corruption, and provide systemic support for grass roots parties that are contesting elections.

Moses Mayekiso

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