TO: Print and Electronic Media Houses
FROM: Office of the Secretary General, ADeC
SUBJECT: ADeC supports Democracy First, and calls for a full audit of the 2019 election
DATE: Tuesday, May 21st ,2019
EMBARGO: To release immediately

 ADeC, alongside other “smaller” parties last week have submitted a series of demands to the IEC regarding how the 2019 election must be audited to ensure the security of our democracy. These demands include:
1) A full audit be done on all section 24a forms accepted during the election;
2) A full audit be done on the ballots issued, used and unused;
3) A full audit of all spoilt ballots;
4) A full reconciliation be done on the ballots from used for the purposes of international voting.
5) Access to the Voters Rolls marked off on the day of special votes and election day;
While we accept that we did not acquire enough support to get a seat and accept that, this election season has highlighted a number of significant flaws in our electoral process that have the capacity to draw into question our democratic processes. Thus, it is important that the above demands are acted on, the election is thoroughly analysed for weaknesses in process and amendments are adopted.
At this stage, ADeC, among the grouping of “smaller” parties that formed Democracy First believe the following recommendations should be adopted, that will begin to secure future elections in South Africa. It is important that our elections are credible and provide the outcome that South Africans both desire and deserve. Our recommendations listed below are some of the many recommendations we are exploring as additional security measures that IEC can implement and encourage members of the public, media and civil society to submit their thoughts and recommendations.
1) Each Voting station be issued two stamps unique to that particular voting station. These stamps will be used for the purposes of cast a vote. A voter will stamp the empty box adjacent to the party they are intending to vote for. This is to assist in the high number of spoiled ballots. No ballots should be considered if the stamp is not that of that particular Voting Station. The ink of these stamps can be unique to avoid replicas. This will assist in cases where ballots are found outside of the voting stations and can be traced back to the voting station where the stamps were allocated. This will still keep a voter’s identity a secret but add an additional security measure.

2) Ballot books are to have unique serial numbers and the voting station they are issued to must be recorded. Thus, if ballots are found they can be traced back to a Voting station and the presiding officer can be held accountable.

3) Ballots cast on Special Voting days are to be counted on the same day. This is to avoid ballots being moved to venues where they can be tampered with or additional ballots be added to the ballot boxes and captured the same day. This is to be done for overseas votes as they come in. They are to be counted per mission and not collated.

4) All stations are to have wet wipes and the IEC official is to ensure the finger used for the marking in clear of any substance prior to marking.

5) Online Voter registration, to assist in registering new voters, especially the youth. The IEC can then contact each voter to verify information should it need to. This would assist in address gathering and correcting capturing errors.

6) Increase the size of the political party rows on the ballot as well as making the block with the party’s name white. As it difficult to read with the current size and colours over the names.     

By auditing this election, and implementing some critical reforms, we can all ensure that future democratic elections will be free and fair and won’t be suffering under the questions of credibility that this one has. Should any voter wish to support our cause or report any irregulates or suspicious activity they witnessed, they can do so by email, WhatsApp 081 431 9645 or call 010 001 3833.

South Africa works, When South African unite.

Nathaniel Bricknell
Cell: 081 548 5665
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