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African Democratic Change (ADeC) Supports Sweden


Thursday, September 06th, 2018


Monday, September 10th, 2018


The President of the African Democratic Change (ADeC), Moses Mayekiso congratulates Sweden on their successful elections and noted the party’s full backing of Sweden in the social economic environment.

We appreciate the ongoing social and financial support offered by our Swedish friends as a mechanism for strengthening ties between our states. The South African-Sweden friendly partnership, which dates back to the 1930s during Sweden’s anti-apartheid movement, assisted in the victory for democracy in South Africa.

As our bilateral relationship evolves, the African Democratic Change acknowledges the favourable policies within the Swedish democracy such as peace and security, human rights and job creation. We envisage South Africa replicating such policies into our domestic law-making processes. We envisage Nordic-African relations that will focus on issues concerning social development, climate change and trade and investment. As the African Democratic Change, we have embraced the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) especially in terms of bringing direct democracy to our members in the country and would like to aid and drive the developing of South Africa’s informal economic sectors in line with the digital age. The African Democratic Change is geared towards radical and disruptive change and welcomes support from Sweden in propelling our economies towards economic growth and sustainability.

President Mayekiso believes that a pivotal feature of changing the lives of all South Africans starts with education. For this purpose, an apolitical training and development institute under ADeC is being created, one that is a blend between eLearning and physical training, focusing specifically on the leadership development of women and the youth in the political sphere within Africa.

The African Democratic Change also shares a special interest in various Swedish sectors. Encouraging business relationships between the South African and Nordic regions will be one of the focus areas during the party’s policy conference taking place in October 2018. Mayekiso said that the 8.4% increase of Swedish exports into South Africa during 2017 has attracted much attention from the South African market in terms of ICT, innovation, engineering and mining. In view of the recent democratic elections, Mayekiso is confident that despite changing political dynamics, the relationship between South Africa and Sweden will strengthen cooperation between the two nations.

Speaking on the party’s formation, ADeC President Moses Mayekiso explained that the ADeC’s core mandate is to give civilians and representatives from all sectors of civil society a platform to directly elect their constituency representative in government from a national and provincial level. While this new political model has not been implemented before in South Africa, ADeC believes that there is a desperate need for change in the current political landscape. Mayekiso has also been involved with various Swedish Unions and companies for over 30 years and welcomes uniting the two countries through our shared interest and shared a common identity – all of which is underpinned by the principles of UBUNTU.

The spirit of UBUNTU, as well as the values and commitments outlined in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa 1996, will guide and inform our pursuits of change and transformation. We vow as a party, to re-liberate the people of South Africa from its persisting inequalities and injustices by prioritizing quality systems of education and skills development that are responsive to the needs of our economy. The ADeC affirms that South Africa Works when South Africans Unite.


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