To: Print and Electronic Media Houses

From: Office of the Secretary General, ADeC

Subject: Be Sexual Safe This Valentine’s Day

Date: Monday, January 14th, 2019

EMBARGO: For Immediate Release

As much as Valentine’s day is one to appreciate your partner, there are a few things that we should not allow ourselves to forget in the heat of the moment. We as the African Democratic Change would like to take this opportunity to remind the many young lovers in South Africa that February is more than just the month of love, it’s also sexual and reproductive health month. Many young women, in particular, are exposed to various infections and viruses that are avoidable simply by following basic protective measures.

Use protection every time you have sex, don’t let an STI or unplanned pregnancy be your enduring memory of Valentine’s day 2019. Many STIs, including HIV, have no cure, and once you have them, you’ve got them for life. Remember, birth control can only protect against pregnancy, so you must use condoms every time you have sex to avoid the risk of STIs, even if you’re already using birth control.

Unfortunately, many South Africans don’t have the financial means to get tested for STI’s nor get the available vaccines. In particular, for HPV (human papillomavirus). Which is the leading cause of genital warts and cancer. The vaccine for this virus costs in the range of R900 plus per injection, with a need for 3 of them. This, however, is not offered by the state and those seeking it have to pay for themselves. It is estimated that 1 out of every 100 sexually active adults has HPV and that 80% of women who have it will develop cervical cancer.

This is indeed an epidemic in our country. Thus, we are calling for the state to provide these vaccines to all South Africans, run awareness campaigns around it and the effects it has, as well as STI testing to be offered at every clinic nationwide.

As the African Democratic Change, this falls within our elections manifesto and will be a key point we will be driving once we enter parliament. Have a special valentine’s day and be safe.


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