TO: Print and Electronic Media Houses
FROM: Office of the Secretary General, ADeC
SUBJECT: DA: A New Threat to Democracy.
DATE: Thursday, September 27th, 2018
EMBARGO: For Immediate Release

ADeC Secretary-General, Nathaniel Bricknell has called for the Democratic Alliance to retract its
motion to the Independence Electoral Commission (IEC) asking for the increased amount of deposits
paid by registered political parties intending to contest the national election. At this moment parties
will need to fork out R200, 000.00 to contest nationally and R45, 000.00 in respect of each provincial

This is a blatant strategy by the DA to manipulate the IEC into using exclusionary measures to limit
parties from carrying out the mandate of its constituencies. We cannot and must not allow this
recommendation or any like it to pass. We are aware that not all new parties have the economic
capacity to raise funds as they don’t have access to the political party fund. However, it is important
to note that different parties serve various members and must be allowed to represent the view of
their members in a democratic state. As many new parties represent impoverished communities.

We are not a two-party democracy but a multi-party democracy and raising the deposit fee with
severely place undue strain on smaller or emerging parties looking to contest an election. At
National level, there are over 500 registered parties, many of whom don’t have access to the
political party fund. These parties rely solely on their members and donations – which is a crippling
fact to our democracy anyway.

We must acknowledge that the DA in itself is highly flawed in how they handled the rural sanitation
issue and water crisis in the Western Cape as well as the tragedy of the firefighter who died in the
DA-led City of Joburg where buildings are in shambles.

The African Democratic change counter-proposes that the deposit fee for party registration be
reduced to R50, 000.00 for National contestation and R20, 000.00 at provincial level. The DA cannot
be the only opposition party in South Africa and their motion showed blatant disregard for other
parties seeking a voice through parliament.

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Kind Regards,
Nathaniel Denton Bricknell
African Democratic Change