TO: Print and Electronic Media Houses
FROM: Office of the Secretary General, ADeC
SUBJECT: “Democratic Alliance in violation of the POPIA Act and SA constitution”
DATE: Friday, 26th November, 2018
EMBARGO: For Immediate Release

We note with great concern the blatant disregard for privacy and the law, by the Democratic Alliance. Who is in contravention of the Protection of Personal Information Act of 2013 and the right to privacy enshrined in the very constitution the DA claims to support and defend. This has been proven to be nothing more than lip service. The Democratic Alliance has gathered without the consent of South Africans the following information: your full name, ID number, physical address, contact information (home, cell number, and email), race, gender and how you are most likely going to vote. As much as the IEC gives political parties the voters roll consisting on the full name, address, and ID number of a voter.

They do not give out the rest of the above-mentioned information. Nor is the DA allowed to have this information without getting consent from you. This information is stored on a system referred to as VRM (Voter Relationship Management). Your information is used for purposes such as direct marketing for the DA, to send you SMS’s, emails and call you. Which again is against the POPI Act if you have not given them consent. For those of you who have received calls from the Democratic Alliance and questioned where they got your information, you would have most likely been told that the IEC gave them your information. Note that this is false and criminally misleading. Again the IEC does not and did not give the Democratic Alliance your contact information.

The Democratic Alliance has also implemented a system referred to as “Robo-calling” where a system randomly creates a number and calls it. Should the number work, it is called. When taking the call, a pre-recorded message from Mmusi Maimane plays, then asking if you would like to speak to a call center agent. This is also illegal and in violation of the Protection of Personal Information Act of 2013.

We as the African Democratic Change have written to the Information Regulator of South Africa, the Public Protector, and the Human Rights Commission to investigate where the Democratic Alliance gathered this information from, the misuse of it and the violation of privacy of the millions of South Africans that did not give this information over to the democratic alliance nor their consent to be contacted.

Should you be a victim of privacy abuse by the Democratic Alliance, we urge you to lay a complaint with the Information Regulator of South Africa. Should you be able to record the abuse. Please submit it with your complaint by email to or you can call the Regulator for more information on 012 406 4818.

Their abuse of privacy must be halted.

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