TO: Print and Electronic Media Houses
FROM: Office of the Secretary-General, ADeC
SUBJECT: Ebumnandini needs to be proclaimed a township NOW!
DATE: Tuesday, March 19th, 2019
EMBARGO: Release immediately

Tshepisong in Ebumnandini has long been an active branch of African Democratic Change with over 1000 members strong and the first branch to be launched in the country March 2018. A location in which our members fight for service delivery has been non-stop. Where recognition by a government dead set on ignoring the residents have been ongoing.

Until February, Tshepisong not had its garbage collected for two years, and the results were despicable. The township had been overwhelmed with mountains of garbage, not only making the air in the township unbreathable, and destroying all the open spaces but also creating a significant health risk. Beyond normal garbage, dangerous medical waste, and animal carcasses have been present. Members of the community had been trying to contact their counsellor as well as deal with Pikitup directly to resolve this problem and in the past have been ignored.

However, two weeks ago, the members of ADeC in Tshepisong organised a mass demonstration outside the Pikitup depot in Roodepoort, following which they presented their demands to the management present.

The management was receptive, and after a respectful engagement with ADeC members, agreed to attend a community meeting the next week, and work with haste to resolve the crisis in the community. Finally, in February they carried through on their commitment, and this community finally witnessed large tractors removing the garbage and waste that had piled up for over 2 years. But the fight in Tshepisong is not over. The garbage crisis was just a symptom of a broader problem. This community has been systemically disadvantaged for decades. This community has been on the receiving end of non-stop politician deception. As if part of some twisted ritual, politicians show up to commit to make the situation better for the residents but then proceed to completely ignore the community following an election.

These same politicians later claim they cannot resolve the situation because hazardous mine waste makes the area not ideal for human settlement. This argument is disingenuous and deceptive. If it is the case that the area is not appropriate for settlement, why then did the government move residents there decades ago? And furthermore, why has the government not provided these residents with alternative opportunities.

The tragic truth is, the government is either to corrupt, incompetent or simply doesn’t care about this community. Solutions need to start today, and part of that is the proclamation of Ebumnandini as a township. This community cannot be expected to simply accept politicians promises which have so often been proven to be worthless.
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