10th February 2019
Venue: Open Space in Motseki Ville, Phomolong, Hennenman.
GPS Coordinates: 28°00’32.9″S 27°04’06.8″E

Good Day Changers, fellow South Africans, members of the National Executive, members of the media and invited guests.

Changers! Here we are! Kude kwalapha, here we are preparing for our first endeavour to fight the 2019 national and provincial elections toe to toe with established and well–funded parties and those funded by illegal activities. Congratulations! Here we are to bring to not only the Free State but South Africa as a whole much-needed change. Change is a word that has lost meaning to the people of our beloved country. We have seen over the years all parties speak of change. However, the change we have seen serves those in power, the elite, their family and friends. They take the money needed for houses, grants, social development, electricity and most importantly the vitally needed money for education. (Speak to the importance of education in rural communities.
We as the African Democratic Change, as ADeC will not stand to talk about just what we are going to do under an ADeC government but talk about the change we are already bringing. We have directly created over 1000 job opportunities through our Project Change, created a programme to assist young girls who have had to leave school due to teen pregnancy through our second chance campaign, fought corruption through the office of the public protector where we’ve seen directors of the PIC resigning, and much more. When we speak of change, we speak of a grassroots-driven programme. When we speak of change, we speak of a country where the people have the power to directly elect the President of the Republic, the Premiers of the provinces and the Mayors at Municipality. A country where the politicians are directly accountable to the people and NOT the political Parties. We will change South Africa to that of the peoples calling. We are no opposition, we are politics unusual. We are disrupting the way politics is done in South Africa.
South Africa is more than ready for us, and we are here.
Are you ready!
Yes, we are ready to fight for change, to fight for South Africa to change the power Centred corrupt to and country driven by direct democracy, from the quagmire of the bad legacy of colonial apartheid capitalism to African democratic accountability to the people of S A. Through uniting across all races, religions, sexualities, cultures and nationalities.
– People-centred democracy’
– People-centred transformation and,
– People-centred leadership, based on AfricanuBuntu!
– A United Africa, where our brothers and sisters can work together and prosper
Our manifesto declaration as follows along with our vision and mission are ones that our policy development laying a foundation for moral and ethical leadership and governance.
As the African Democratic Change, we recognize that our country and its people are at a social and economic impasse. The liberation struggle was fought, and its mission fulfilled. We commit to take the baton of our liberators forward through a morally driven and strong leadership, good governance, and a future-looking approach. We will undertake this through uniting the people of South Africa through our shared interest and shared common identity – all of which is underpinned by the principles of UBUNTU. The spirit of UBUNTU, as well as the values and commitments outlined in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa 1996, will guide and inform our pursuits of change and transformation. We vow to re-liberate the people of South Africa from its persisting inequalities and injustices by prioritizing quality systems of education and skills development that are responsive to the needs of our economy. We vow to effective and inclusive social economic transformation. African Democratic Change affirms that South Africa Works when South Africans Unite.
We are committed to this and ask to hold us to account. We are that you engage with us and most importantly ask that you as South African’s play an active roll in bringing change to our country and continent.
This programme based on social democratic principles, Peoples power – as we once said that people shall govern, and people shall share in the wealth of the country.
Changers what went wrong? Why do we want change? South Africa has degenerated into a level of a failed state about to be a banana republic through political decay. Because of:
– Leadership that has failed people
– The leadership of Greed, Corruption, and theft of the peoples’ wealth & goods
– Extreme inequalities – S.A. being the most unequal society in the world.
– Gender-based violence
– Discrimination based on sexuality and genders
– Exclusivism – poor being excluded from socio-economic development fruits.
– This developing to injustices extreme and absolute poverty.
– Poor governance and immoral leadership
– Unaccountable structures and leaders
– Shaundy delivery of goods and services.
– Unemployment, homelessness and landlessness.
Changers I have listed these man-made atrocities – so as to remind us and we must be able to develop proper and effective policies and manifesto preparing ourselves to fight the 2019 elections with a clear programme.
Changers! What has to be done! What has to be done to correct the wrong against the people of South Africa. As agents and force of change, we have to come up with solutions.
In my opening remarks, I spoke of ADeC being a social democratic organisation based on African uBuntu. This is the base to the laid by good governance based on democratic accountability and leadership accountable to the people. In this, we are talking of politics unusual. People-centred policies, people-centred leadership, People-centred policymaking and governance.
What does this mean? We want a direct participatory democracy- Peoples power! Whereby people in constituencies take a central role in deciding on policy initiation making and implementation, on governance effecting our rallying mantra, People’s power and the People shall govern.
Our manifesto draft document and draft policies are giving some guidance on how to affect this vision and mission. Discuss them in your constituencies with the people and give us guidance within a month what is to be done – This is not our manifesto but the peoples. Thus the people of South Africa must take this mandate to get what they want out of these elections. We will take the people to the national and provincial government.

Changers! how do we change from old to new? Let me tackle a few areas of our conviction to change:
– People-centred transformation, Real, effective, aggressive socio-economic transformation to address the ills and atrocities mentioned above,
– This will happen if the people control and own these processes directly and if the policies are decided upon by them and leadership that is directly elected is mandated and is accountable and answerable to them.

Changers we argue that the socioeconomic emancipation is sacrosanct and has to happen. The economic development and economic growth should benefit the people as a whole, not the elite and well offs. S.A. economy is stagnant to be delivered by leadership, greed, corruption, theft, malpractices, and mismanagement. This must stop. There must be beneficiation of our mineral resources to create jobs, goods, and services for all.
The land belongs to the people! The land must be expropriated correctly without compensation from S.A. fiscus but by the colonial States who brutally disposed through many wars and looted the wealth and resources of the African people to boost their countries wealth. The European countries, in particular, Britain’s wealth is built on blood, sweat and resources of African people, that must be reversed and redressed through compensation and reparation for what was lost. This would be the base of socio-economic justice. We will no longer divide our nation based on race because of the actions of the ancestors of our fellow South Africans.
Land that is expropriated must go to the people and be owned by the people, Not the State. We want you to have title deeds to your properties not rent your land from a corrupt government who will take advantage to benefit them themselves.
Education is a human right! the education system is in tatters and needs rescue. Free compulsory education from early childhood development structures to tertiary without exclusion or discrimination and ECD be put under the basic education department for consistency and relevance. All languages are recognised. Peoples education.

Housing is a human right too. All must have shelter and serviced land must be provided for housing. Homelessness must be regarded as an emergency – a disaster and be put under a state of emergency. Public goods and services including electricity must be affected. No pit toilets and bucket systems must be allowed. These must be banned forever. Unemployment is rife and poverty is unbridled. the social services through grants must be improved to a living amount.
The Health care system has failed the people and the solution is not to nationalise private hospitals but to address the real issue, Corruption, and maladministration. Let us not fool ourselves, those who are corrupt are criminals and must face jail time. We will not allow them to just resign from their positions and get off with our people’s money. We will come for them! They will no longer be allowed to rob the people of proper health care. We will under an ADeC government we will ensure all State health care facilities are of a level of that of the private sector.

We will:
– Ensure Mental Health Clinics to be established in all municipalities as well a mental health awareness campaigns to be rolled out in all rural, informal and township areas by 2021
– Ensure that Health Care facilities to be upgraded and state doctors, nurses to be adequality trained annually.
– That all available STI vaccinations are provided for at clinics.
– Rehabilitationcenters to be linked or in the nearby state clinics.
We aim to ensure cannabis is fully legalized for all uses including medical. This alone will create thousands of new jobs in our country and food security. A plant we as Africans have been using for over 700 years and will no longer be denied.

I’d like to take this opportunity to note with great concern the economic colonisation of the African continent by the Chinese. Already we have seen them threaten to take Taiwan and their years of oppression of Tibet and Turkestan. This needs to be addressed urgently.

Changers all we are envisaging to emancipate the people from the yoke of oppression and exploitation and all the ills is highlighted in the draft policies and draft manifesto for you to discuss and resolve.
The ball is in your court, South Africa!
People are waiting!
South Africa works when South Africans unite for Change!
The will of the people is sacrosanct!
The will of the people must prevail at all cost.
That is a clarion call.
Thank you.

Nathaniel D. Bricknell


on: +27 74-726-6150

Email: development@adec.org.za

For more info, please log onto: www.adec.org.za