22 April 2018


Media Alert regarding fraudulent activity in the name of the African Democratic Change


The African Democratic Change would like to advise the media and members of the public to be aware of fraudulent activity in the name of the African Democratic Change. It has been brought to our attention that individuals have been communicating on behalf of the party and collecting funds. We would like to urge members of the media and public to come forward with any evidence of these acts of fraud committed by any of the individuals mentioned below. We have opened a criminal case against the following individuals and advise the public to be aware of this.


1) Mpho Ramakatsa

2) Lufuno Gogoro

3) Bongani Masilela


Again, these are not members of the African Democratic Change. They are not recognised by the party nor by the IEC. They do not have permission to speak on behalf of the party, collect funds on behalf of the party or promise parliamentary positions to any individual. Attached to this statement is a lawyer’s letter requesting they cease and desist from representing the African Democratic Change in any manner. As they have continued to do so, the African Democratic Change is going to pursue further criminal charges. Again, if they have solicited yourself or anyone you know, please advise us through the following channels:


Email: | Whatsapp: 081 431 9645 | Call: 031 205 0466


Should you be unsure about who official party representatives are, you can visit our website or contact us on the above platforms.

The following social media sites are the official platforms of the African Democratic Change:


Facebook: @ADeCOfficial

Twitter: ADEC_SA

Instagram: adec_official


The following individuals are permitted to speak on behalf of the party:


President: Moses Mayekiso | 082 388 9096 |

Interim National Spokesperson: Omisinga Nqoma | 071 830 2637

Secretary-General : Nathaniel Bricknell | 081 431 9645 |



South Africa works when South Africans Unite.




Omisinga Nqoma

Interim National Spokesperson

Cell: 071 830 2637


Email: |

Twitter: ADEC_SA

Facebook: @ADeCOfficial