TO: Print and Electronic Media Houses
FROM: Office of the Secretary-General, ADeC
SUBJECT: How much more load shedding can we afford?
DATE: Tuesday, March 26th, 2019
EMBARGO: To release immediately

In spite of the announcement that load shedding is suspended, the unprecedented load shedding of the last 2 weeks has arguably been one of the greatest failures of Ramaphosa’s “New Dawn” and has provided a window into the utter failure of the government over the last 10 years. The ANC’s “New Dawn” is centred around the pillars of clean governance and rebuilding a broken economy but it is clear that the party we once trusted is fundamentally plagued by corruption and incompetence.

While many journalists, commentators and politicians are rightfully noting the catastrophic impact of load shedding on the economy and the daily frustration this government failure has caused – these are not the worst costs of load shedding. The worst cost of load shedding is personal harm done to all residents of South Africa.

Over the last two weeks, how many people have been killed? How many motor accidents have happened due to no traffic or street lights? How many hospital patients have died while waiting for a doctor stuck in traffic or a generator to be refuelled. How many people have been burned, or suffered property damage from a candlestick falling over. The dangers of load shedding are numerous and tend to have an oversized effect on the most vulnerable members of our society.

Load Shedding is a crisis and frankly an assault on the human dignity of every single individual living in South Africa and after a year of record-breaking protest from civil society, it is clear that South Africans are standing up to say enough is enough.

The Eskom bailout boasting an excess of R150bn over the next ten years and increasing tariffs set to be implemented next month both indicate one thing – when massive corruption and looting take place in our public institutions, the average South African will be the one to pay. 

On the 8th of May we will have an opportunity to say loud and clear, enough is enough. No more load shedding, no more gross corruption and no more deaths because of politician’s greed. On the 8th of May, let’s vote in favour of good governance, accountability, transparency.

On the 8th of May, Vote ADeC.
 Dr Makhosi Khoza
Cell: 081 581 9960
Anele Kunene
National Spokesperson
Cell: 067 732 2853

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