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We have chosen to create a forum-based structure in order to directly represent the various stakeholders in our society. These forums are responsible for ensuring that ADeC maintains its grassroots character, this will be done so as to ensure that these forums respond to day to day community issues. These forums will also be responsible for creating position papers and programmes regarding the respective issues that they champion; these must approved by the National Board. These documents will be taken to our policy conference for adoption and will in the final analysis drive ADeC policy positions in parliament and the provincial legislature to ensure that all sectors of society, community based organisations, and those not formally represented – who we deem as ‘the voiceless’ – will have a space to be heard in parliament. There will be one forum chairperson elected per forum who will sit on the ADeC Board of Directors and be placed on the party list. The following six forums include all stakeholders within South Africa, and will be comprised of all civil society and community-based movements who wish to be a part of ADeC and have their interests represented in parliament and the provincial legislatures.

National LGBTQI Forum

The National LGBTQI Forum will comprise of civil society and community-based organisations which focus specifically on the rights, empowerment and the development of the LGBTQI community  within South Africa. This forum will focus on the issues and challenges that the community faces, and promoting these issues within parliament and the provincial legislatures.

Thomas Stofberg

Thomas Stofberg

National Forum Convener


Cell: 078 519 5030


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