TO: Print and Electronic Media Houses
FROM: Office of the Secretary General, ADeC
SUBJECT: President Cyril Ramaphosa has Failed to Intervene in Zim Crisis
DATE: Wednesday, January 16th, 2019
EMBARGO: For Immediate Release

The last two days have been chaos in our neighbouring country Zimbabwe over the food and fuel
shortage. Triggered by the sudden increase in the fuel price of over 100%. The militant action by
the Zimbabwean government shutting down the internet and deploying the army is a clear
indication that the situation is worse than we can fully grasp from the media. With reports coming
in of citizens being abducted and beaten at random, it is highly concerning that the Government of
our Republic has not intervened.

The instability of Zimbabwe exacerbates the crisis we are facing with the influx of illegal
immigrants. It is also our responsibility to assist states in the SADC Region and the other African
States. We demand President Cyril Ramaphosa to commit to assisting in the crisis Zimbabwe is
currently facing. As the African Democratic Change, we are committed to the social and economic
development of States in the SADC region. The liberation movements have shown a track record
of plundering state funds, selling off assets, alarming amounts of corruption and the
nationalisation of land and mineral resources. A pattern we are now seeing in South Africa. Border
security must be intensified immediately not only on the Zimbabwean border but all land borders
of our country.

As not to open ourselves up to individuals seeking to carry these actions over into South Africa.
The African Union has a responsibility to all African Nations to assist in the crisis. South Africans
must take heed of this situation as the South African government and Eskom seek to drastically
increase the tariffs in our electricity and our fuel price increases, we have been subjected too. We
as the African Democratic Change will be writing to the Presidency to take action not only in
seeking a solution to the immediate crisis but a citizen-driven program of action going forward.

South Africa works, when South Africans unite.


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