TO:                        Print and Electronic Media Houses
FROM:                  Office of the Secretary General, ADeC
SUBJECT:             President of ADeC signs the electoral code of conduct
DATE:                   Wednesday, March 20th, 2019
EMBARGO:          For Immediate Release

President of African Democratic Change signs the electoral code of conduct, below is the speech he delivered upon signing.
“Today, African Democratic Change is proud to sign the electoral code of conduct.
Democracy is a core tenant of our society, through peaceful and fair democratic engagement we have the opportunity to bring real change to our society. Thus, not only do we sign this code of conduct happily, we welcome want it stands for.
This code of conduct stands for how we as activists, politicians and citizens are required to engage. It means that instead of us having to engage in violence or destroy society to bring about real transformation we can have healthy debates and engagements that lead to positive transformation and development.
We look forward to spending the next two months engaging with all the political parties here, talking about what we have to offer, criticising others present, as well as taking feedback ourselves. This communication and constructive feedback is what makes us strong.
These elections are fundamentally about attaining a mandate, and recognising the will of the voters. To ignore or disrupt the ability of voters to express themselves, and make clear what they want from elected representatives, would be to fundamentally corrupt this noble process that we are all committing too today.
Based on our principles and moral ethical leadership, we believe strongly that all our membership will be abiding by this code of conduct, and we as leadership will work hard to ensure that our members are well aware of this code, and act within its bounds.”
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