Dear President Ramaphosa, as I write this letter to you. I do so with a heavy heart. In your last “family meeting” you addressed us with what I believe to be a genuine concern for the people of South Africa. I know that as you intend to help SA overcome Covid-19 with the extended level 3 lockdown and we navigate the unintended social impact of the policies you and your NCCC Team have put in place, there are a number of concerns that spring to our mind, as I am sure they spring to yours. We appreciate your efforts and the good intentions that they are based on. However, we must spare a thought for those citizens who are most affected by the new level 3 regulations. These new regulations that place hindrances on many sectors of our economy such as the Entertainment (Bars, Pubs, Casinos), Hotels and Restaurant industry etc will, without doubt, cause millions to suffer. I am sure you are aware many of these industries rely heavily on staff who are predominantly shift workers and now find themselves without a job, a reduced or lost income and left unable to provide for their families. I urge you to consider extending the Ters benefits and R350 unemployment Covid-19 relief to our citizens from these sectors. Let them also claim this benefit if they have lost their jobs due to these regulations so that they too can survive this pandemic. On the other end of the spectrum let us not forget our most vulnerable citizens, our grantees, who like many others relied heavily on the additional Covid-19 relief that was added to the social security grants for that short space of time. It went a long way to ensure that they were able to buy extra food or medication or even pay the exorbitant rates and electricity bills they received during this period. With more and more co-habitative households becoming a reality and more people losing their jobs daily every cent counts towards household expenses, many of which are unintended and unplanned consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic and hard lockdown restrictions. Now more than ever, with new infections per day rising on average to more than 14000 cases, we have to take care of the aged and ensure that they too can survive this pandemic. The idea for the reintroduction of the extended lockdown level 3 was to enforce and achieve as much physical distancing that may limit the transmission of Covid-19. This in turn would perhaps reduce the immense pressures on our health facilities and allow us to have a fighting chance to overcome this virus. The need for these regulations is self-evident and so too is the need to ensure that our citizens are at the least able to take care of their basic needs during these unprecedented times. Mr. President, whilst I understand the need for strict lockdown regulations, I also am mindful of the consequences. I urge you not to forget about our vulnerable and aged citizens and those who cannot work due during the lockdown. You understand that in South Africa there are many blended families and families with a single bread winner – let us give them a fighting chance against this pandemic. Kind regards Visvin Reddy President – African Democratic Change (ADeC) Cell: 082 325 3497 Email: