The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), South Africa’s only line of electoral defence has many challenges as it is. With election fraud a plague to our democracy one would expect that this institution would be given the resources it requires to uphold the integrity, transparency and proper implementation of the election process. However, I’m troubled to note that this is not the case. For more than one election the IEC has been under-resourced by the National Treasury, and the question is why? Why has the ANC government allowed this to happen let alone more than once, and how is it that voters themselves have not been properly informed about this blatant disregard for democracy and the people of this country.

On the 2nd of August 2018 at the National Party Liaison Committee meeting with the IEC, the CEO made note that the institution only has funds available for two more voter registration weekends before the next National Election in 2019 and they are under-resourced to ensure that they meet the High Court order to obtain the missing addresses on the voters roll. This is unexpectable that the IEC is even in this financial position. He further advised that the National Treasury has been under-resourcing them not just for this but a number of elections. If the IEC does not have the means to properly roll out the elections, how can the electorate of South Africa be assured that the previous elections have not been compromised?

I have made written submissions to the IEC requesting in writing the full details of the duration they have not been correctly resourced, the amounts owed to them by National Treasury and the reasons given by National Treasury for this. I’ve also requested the Public Protectors Office to investigate the matter and make recommendations to ensure this corrected before the next National Elections. At no point should the IEC ever be in a compromising position like this ever again!



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