21 April 2018


Stepping down of Dr Makhosi Khoza as ADeC leader


African Democratic Change acknowledges the decision by Dr Makhosi Khoza to step down as the party leader along with her resignation from politics. We wish to thank her for providing us with a political vehicle that advocates for change in South Africa. We remain committed to the fulfilment of the founding principles that established this enormous vehicle for change.


It is important to note that a political party does not belong to one individual but rather the community it serves. It is for this reason that we accept the baton that has been handed to us Dr Makhosi Khoza and commits to remaining servants of the people of South Africa, providing the voiceless with a platform to call their own.


Through Politics Unusual we will carry our unapologetic feminist agenda, which seeks to advocate for the youth and woman of South Africa, who continue to remain marginalised from the current mainstream political landscape of South Africa which is that is riddled with corruption.


South Africa works when South Africans Unite




Omisinga Nqoma

Interim National Spokesperson

Cell: 071 830 2637

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Twitter : ADEC_SA

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